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  • Metatarsal Pad by OPPO
  • Metatarsal Pad by OPPO

Metatarsal Pad by OPPO


This provides proper support to the metatarsal heads and helps relieve metatarsal pain. 


Also helps to prevent calluses and inflammation of the forefoot.


Helps with: 


*Reduces irritating calluses

*Shock absorption

*Morton's toe



  • Place the pad under the ball of the foot and slip ring over the second toe.

    Remove the product once daily for a few minutes.

    Made from 95% Silicone and 5% Cotton - This silicone material is oil-based, and is safe to wear.  This Silicone is non-toxic, non-allergenic.

    Avoid direct contact with open wounds. 

    Washing Instructions: Hand wash and air dry, then apply talcum powder.  Do not machine dry.


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