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The Great Auk

Here at Great Auk Medical Supply we frequently get the question "What is a Great Auk?"

The Great Auk was a flightless bird that became extinct in the mid-19th century. The species lived in the Northern Atlantic and became susceptible to the European explorers who coveted their feathers for trade and eggs for an easy meal. Later they were referred to as the 'penguin of the north' though the birds are not related. Once the birds became scarce it was hard to undo years of hunting and the species was later deemed extinct.

Recently in modern times there have been rumors the Great Auk has survived extinction! Said to be rare and fleeting living around the Falkland Islands in the North Atlantic. Although the sightings are unconfirmed we hope this is true.

This is really an underdog story of how we got our name as Great Auk Medical Supply. With an ever changing world we are similar to the Great Auk- a mature industry that's a bit archaic we aim to bring the business a new vigor by helping people live their best lives through any difficulty. Just as we know the Great Auk still exists we know we can make a difference by providing great products and services to those in need.

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