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Are You Scheduled For Knee Replacement?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

At the store we frequently see people who need help with upcoming surgeries. One of the more frequent surgeries is knee replacement and many people are considering future knee replacements.

We can provide helpful information and recommendations in the Durable Medical Equipment space to make the procedure that much better. In fact, many physical therapists are not aware of the equipment we can offer for rehab in todays world!

Sure, walkers are inexpensive, but a rollator may be a better recommendation. Navigating in and around the home is a challenge with a traditional walker, however, the use of a rollator makes this function much easier. A rollator also minimizes the risk of falls as its easier to shuffle ones feet as they go room to room.

After surgery the patient will be required to ice the repaired knee. My own surgeon recommended I get frozen peas to treat the area. However, there is a better way using a cryotherapy cold & hot system. These systems really limit the amount of movement for the patient and caregiver.

The biggest must is a lift chair for recovering patients. There are long periods of sitting with exercises, reducing edema caused by the surgery. Sleeping with a lift chair is better as your limb is supported. There are multiple settings to get comfortable, provide support, and get rest to heal.

A few other recommendations are non stick socks, movement is encouraged, but we are worrisome of any falls. Blood pressure unit and thermometer to monitor vitals.

These are our first hand experiences and recommendations for our clients, the more we prepare, the more out patients can have a successful recovery!

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